i2: How innovation tool fueled BMW for a decade?

Idea and Project Mgmt.

Idea and Project management with maturity management.


Prediction with detailed visualization makes the decision making easy.


Project funding and tracking with the help of Questionnaire.

Workshop Mgmt.

Dynamic pitch workshop planning, execution and real-time visualization.

Highly Configurable

New type of element like blog, etc. and properties can be introduced easily.

Business Networking

Business networking beyond organization and geographical boundaries.


  • The project was 3rd version of the software from scratch. The first two version failed.
  • The project lost major chunk of budget and time with another company.
  • Most demanding gateway with penetration/hack test, load test, DevOps in 2012, tech and deployment documentations, unit test coverage, code/design/architecture review, etc.
  • In 2012, pushing Agile in waterfall driven company was almost impossible. 
  • Language Gap due to German and English speaking team members.


  • Internal central hub for innovation
  • Idea –> shortlisting –> funding workshop –> project management –> Monitoring –> Delivery
  • Successful delivery.
  • Clear most demanding gateway
  • Penetration Test
  • Load Test
  • Automatic and manual code and design review 
  • Test-Driven Development (Backend and Frontend both)
  • Documentation in BMW template 
  • Design
  • Deployment 
  • DevOps
  • Test Automation
  • Run project on Agile


  • Hybrid team (Onsite and offshore) with high amount of communication was built.
  • Expert execution team on both technical and functional side was built with frequent communication pockets.
  • Frequent travels were planned to avoid communication gap and future planning.
  • Management was pursued to allow Agile execution due to tight timeline and budget.
  • Continuous deliveries and reviews took place during the execution.
  • Internal management complication were planned precisely.
  • Fallback plans were always planned.


  • High quality tool was delivered within given timeline.
  • Project was named as template for Agile execution within BMW. The company as a whole wanted to migrate the process from waterfall to Agile after realizing the benefit from the delivery on quality, acceptance and budget side.
  • All gateway test were cleared as project was already having high quality on tech side.
  • After the initial release, many departments other departments joined the platform to execute the internal project execution process. 
  • The dynamic funding workshop module used by top management to distribute 45M within couple of hours right after its release. Real-time rating and result display along with automatic workshop design and execution was highly appreciated by top management.
  • Project is still in use after a decade. 

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