How world's third biggest wine company went from excel to automated sales process, agriculture monitoring, warehouse management, etc. within an year?

Sales process automation

Next year sales planning, current year sales execution, pipeline management, deal management, etc.


Customer management system to maintain and build new customers, campaign management, integration with internal ERP, etc.

Agriculture monitoring

IoT based solution to monitor the quality of crop and take corrective action on timely basis.

Ticket Management

Maintain the life cycle of ticketing system to support customer care.

Warehouse management

Barrell management based on QA code distant scanning with Bluetooth connection.


Prediction with detailed visualization along with highly configurable templates.


  • Being a less techno savvy industry, inclination towards digital transformation across company was poor.
  • Lot of resistance from both user and management towards change.
  • Due to lack of digital info, decision making and future planning was difficult and was mainly based on assumption and personal gut feelings.
  • Loss in resources on both vineyard and warehouse was leading to heavy annual losses.


  • Digital transformation of processes from manufacturing to customer relationship to sales planning to agriculture monitoring to ware house management. 


  • Slow digital transformation was planned so that adaptation could be easier.
  • Basic book keeping was digitized 1st followed by sales process, CRM, agriculture monitoring and warehouse management.
  • Small solutions specific to use cases were prepared.


  • High quality tool was delivered within given timeline.
  • Company managed to increase the revenue and decrease the losses by 20% in first year itself.

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