Field Service App: From Landscaping business to Giant App Launch

Real-time location tracking​

Track your team’s location at real-time. Determine hours spent by your team members with respect to your job location.

Chat with customers

Keep your customers up-to-date with the help of instant chatting, notifications and direct access.

Meeting > Offer > Job > Invoice

Manage full life cycle of scheduled meetings, quotation management, project and invoicing.

Monitor progress

Get instant notifications about the progress. Check progress details in real-time.

Video call

Get in a video call with your team members to monitor the progress of your on-going job.

Analyze your business​

Analyze your business with details insights on hidden facts to plan better and ahead of time.


  • No experience of mobile and web application.
  • App should be able to handle millions of users.
  • Budget was major issue.
  • Marketing of B2B app was completely dark area and comparatively difficult.
  • This app was a combination of three major apps in market. Invoice2Go, WhatApp, Unique concept of location tracking & paying team.


  • Launch the app as one stop solution for tradesmen, contraction, etc. domains.
  • User adaptation should be very high.
  • Marketing
    • Digital marketing on all social platforms including advertisement.
    • Physical marketing in London area with the help conferences, etc. 
  • Initial traction.


  • Hybrid team was built to support the dynamic needs.
  • Since budget was a major constraint, so equity was shared in exchange of major discounts.
  • A unique micro-service architecture was prepared along with lot of distributed processing with the help of client devices. 
  • The whole launch  and initial marketing was planned well in advance along with preparations like video and picture content, social media engagement and advertisement, physical connect with local business in UK.
  • Agile was followed.


  • High quality mobile & app was delivered within given timeline.
  • The grand launch was took place on time.
  • The app received high level of acceptance and appreciation from users.

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