Building Agile teams to mitigate project/product risk launch for clients who wish to launch new products, migrate to the cloud, migrate legacy codebases and build new data services.

Launching New Products

High quality product development at fast pace with the help of internal control library, tools and framework.

Migrating to the Cloud

Whether it is application, data or services, migration have been simplified with the help of internal toolkit.

Migrating Legacy Codebases

Migration of legacy code along with added flavors by our experienced team brings a true value add to business.

Building Data Services

Micro services, messaging queues, search engine and analytic on top of complex heterogeneous data sources is one of the key area of expertise in our team.


  • Running Agile Projects on a fixed budget.
  • Taking the big bang out of legacy migration by leveraging micro services.
  • Leveraging API’s to drive quality and maximize reuse.
  • Building highly intuitive user interfaces for complex business applications.
  • Rapid application development – Building a Minimum Viable Product in 6 iterations.
  • Business are not startups – the anti pattern that we need to address.
  • Leveraging API’s so that Product Developers can focus on the important stuff.
  • Product development at the speed of light.
  • Estimating budgets and timelines – break the link by leveraging libraries.
  • Off the shelf packaged software vs Bespoke – a none choice.
  • Why test automation is mandatory for web facing applications.
  • Putting security front, left and center of software product development.